Free Trial - No strings attached . . .

Liberty Property Damage helps your clients recover the most money for their property damage. We save you and your staff time and resources, allowing you to focus on more urgent matters.

We help your clients with:
⇒The repair logistics.
⇒Rental car
⇒Total loss evaluations
We handle all the phone calls
Act as an additional buffer between the adjuster and your clients.

We charge a flat fee of just $49.97 per client whether that PD claim takes 30 minutes or 30 hours to resolve.

However, for a limited time we would like to offer you a free trial of our services, it's 100% free of charge, no strings attached. For your first two clients.

Why do we do this? To be completely transparent this is how we get lawyers and law firms as clients.

However, there is no obligation​ ​or contract or commitment to continue with us after your free trial has ended. No Strings Attached.

Here's what Lawyer Neal Thomas had to say ...

“... I was unable to get any cooperation from State Farm in relation to the handling of my insurance claim with them. . . Your dogged persistence and energies resulted in State Farm paying more than I had originally asked as the value for my car.

Here's what Personal Injury Lawyer Scott Richardson says ...

“We recommend Liberty Property Damage to all clients, it's just better a solution.

Here's what we're going to do next . . .

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How does the 30-day free trial work?

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